Wearing Two Babies

Wearing Two Babies

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Please note that this section does not include full demonstrations of both carries.  You may need to purchase other chapters to get these full demonstrations. Twins Collage

If you have twins or two babies who are close in age you can wear both at once.

Twins are the trickiest as it takes a good amount of babywearing experience to have one on your back. Putting a 1 year old on your back can be quite simple and one on your back and one on your front creates a bit of counterbalance.

The most common way to carry newborn twins is with one on each hip. This can be done with two ring slings. Getting the tension right and making each sling comfortable on your shoulder can be tricky. Two hip carries can be done in one long wrap around sling. These are the two options for carrying newborn twins that we recommend. If you are already familiar and comfortable with back carries using a wrap or podaegi you may choose to have one twin on your front and one on your back in a high back carry. This option is for experienced babywearers. There is a great facebook support group called Tandem Babywearing that is worth joining especially if you have twins.

Once your twins are older or if you have older and younger babies your options are greater. Being able to get your babies on and off independent of one another and having access to your breast for both is the ideal.


Front carries for your newborn:


–       Front cross carry in a non-stretchy wrap

–       Front pocket cross carry

Both of these can be pre-tied which is ideal as you can get the wrap on, then put your other child on your back, then pop your newborn in the wrap on your front.

Asian carriers

–       Podaegi; either a torso shoulder carry or a standard from carry

–       Mei tai front carry with a newborn

It is important to ensure your straps are untwisted and firm against you so they do not interfere with your baby on your back.

Ring sling

–       Front carry

Soft structured carrier

–       Designed for a newborn with an adjustable base

–       Or using an infant insert


Back carries for your older baby:

Asian carriers

–       Mei tai tied under babies bottom is simple to get on using the front to back swing and there are no straps to interfere with the newborn on your front

Soft structured carrier

–       These are definitely the easiest to back carry with when you also have a baby on your front.


–       For experienced back wrappers you can wear your older baby on your back in a carry that uses ruck straps and ties off either under your older baby’s bottom, around your waist below the baby on your front or around the shoulder straps. A non-stretchy wrap must be used.

–       You can also wear two babies in one non-stretchy wrap.


Always remember to ensure both babies FITS .  Remember a healthy 6 month old+ sitting further down your back will be safe if all the other checks are covered even though they won’t be ‘insight’.

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