Ring Sling and Pouch

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 Pouch slings


Pouch sling – Pouch sling hip carry with Nick2

Pouch slings are tubular pieces of material sewn with a curved seam.

They are cheap to buy and reasonably simple and cheap to make. Here’s one and another

You must make or buy a Pouch that is fitted to you.

It is difficult to use one Pouch sling for your baby if you want to use it from newborn to toddler. Use a different style of carrier until your baby is 3 months old or use a smaller Pouch for the first few months.

Pouch sling NB with text

We recommend the upright inward facing position for your baby. The ‘seated upright’ position or cradle carry can be difficult to do safely and squeezes your baby’s legs together, which is not ideal for their hips.



Some Pouches have lengthways adjustability and padded rails that can be used under the baby’s knees or behind their heads. This photo from the Hotslings website shows a double buckle adjustable length.

Pouches are great for quick carries, dashing into the shop or picking up an older child from school.


 Ring Slings

Ring slings work the same way as a Pouch. Threading the end of the sling through double rings creates the pouch-shape. The rings allow for adjustability and securing the sling. Here is an example from the ring sling chapter of Tracy demonstrating breastfeeding in the ring sling



The inward facing upright position can be achieved safely with a very small baby. The ring sling is a great newborn carrier as it positions the baby with his/her knees high, not too wide, allows for a nice curve of the lower spine and supports the baby’s upper spine and neck well.Ring sling – hip carry


Caregivers can struggle with the ring sling during the common ‘leg-straightening’ period of a baby’s development. This is normally overcome by shifting to a hip carry with a high well-tensioned bottom rail. You can see how to achieve this in this section.



Open tailed ring sling


Ring slings can be closed or opened tailed, padded or unpadded rails and have gathered, pleated or sewn shoulder pads. You can learn all about the different shoulders on a ring sling here and another one here. We recommend open tailed, unpadded rails for adjustability and the shoulder pad is dependent on what the wearer prefers.





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