Reviews of Wearing Your Baby

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As professionals and parents alike are beginning to purchase Wearing Your Baby we are starting to get comments back that we’d like to share with you.

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“I had the pleasure of attending a pre-launch of their DVD “Wearing Your Baby”. I was struck right from the start by Anna and Wayne’s passion for their family and what it had meant to them to have their children close to them. The DVD is also a labour of love and I am thrilled to be able to add it to my resource collection.

The DVD has more than three hours of information, is impartial and is not brand-specific but outlines all the different options for baby wearing. The instructions are concise, with easy step-by-step instructions for each style. I was impressed with the information and the research that has been done on each style.

In relation to my own Childbirth Education classes, I will be incorporating the DVD into my postnatal sessions. I particularly found the baby wearing safety section to be very relative for my classes and it gave a very good overview of babywearing and the safety aspects you should consider.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a wonderful resource with fantastic information for educators and families alike. To my knowledge there is no other resource like this available and at less than $30.00 it is a great price point!

With many families now looking at baby wearing as a practical way to hold their babies, I think this DVD is a great way to give impartial and safety information. I personally have learnt a lot from watching the DVD and feel more confident about answering questions that arise from my classes. It is also wonderful to have a resource to direct families to.”

Tracy Finnie, Childbirth Educator, Queen Mary Maternity Hospital

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“I’ve seen people wearing their babies and thought it was a cultural thing. Assumed that I’d use a pushchair for my baby, but now that I’ve seen Wearing Your Baby I see that anyone can do it and I’m really inspired. I’m looking forward to wearing my baby when he/she arrives.”

Stephen, ‘soon to be Dad’

This is a great DVD and is available to buy online from the website either in its entirety, or chapter by chapter. Some parts are free – including the Safety chapter. Why do I like this DVD? Well, in my opinion, it is unbiased, well researched, and really “normal”! By that, I mean that it shows real mums with real babies, it’s not so rehearsed that it makes it look sooooo easy you end up wondering what you’re doing wrong when it doesn’t work so simply for you! It covers a whole range of wraps and carriers that will suit all needs, styles, ages and stages – including how to use the less ideal carriers in a better way, and even make a standby carrier out of a bed sheet! Enough information to allow you to make informed, safe decisions about how to wear your baby from teeny tiny to toddler without overwhelming you with science! Enjoy.

                                      Denise Ives, Breastfeeding Counsellor.

“Before I even put this in my DVD player I knew it would be a good fit with LLL philosophy. On the inside cover is the inscription “Human infants over millions of years have been imprinted with the expectation of intimate and constant contact with another human being.” Throughout the introduction and interviews with presenters babywearing is present as a way of keeping your baby close and making it easy to meet their needs which, of course, is central to the LLL way of thinking too.

Importantly, careful attention is paid to the safety aspects of babywearing. A wide range of slings/carriers are covered in depth so as to appeal to a wide audience. Mums may be interested to just have a look at how to use the carrier they already have, or they might be curious about a different style of carrier. Care has been taken to avoid marketing particular brands however. Refreshingly, breastfeeding in a carrier is included as a matter of course for most of the front carries presented. And there is even a segment on wrapping a breastfeeding toddler.

Wearing Your Baby is formatted so that you can watch it all at once or select a section or part of a section at a time. Running time is 225 minutes. This DVD is highly recommended for Group Libraries.”

Kristina Maconaghie, LLL Member and Babywearing mother.

“While we haven’t viewed every section of the DVD we were impressed with what we saw.  The safety section is very clear in its discussion around correct wearing and the need for safety to be paramount.  The instruction on how to safely place your baby into the various slings is comprehensive, again covering the need for safety well.”

Sue Campbell, Plunket National Child Safety Advisor.

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