Buying a Pouch

Pouches are best made to fit the individual!

As mentioned in the Ring sling and Pouch section, a pouch is a cost effective carrier for a quick hip carry. It’s lightweight and fast to use – with a bit of practice of course. The pouch really comes into it’s own for a hip carrier with an older baby.

Getting one that fits you and your newborn as well as you and your older baby is also tricky if you want to carry your newborn in the upright inward facing position which is our recommendation.

My advice is to make one yourself if you are a sewer and if not pay a friend who is.

Here are a number of patterns to get you started:

This site has a very thorough pattern by a woman who makes baby carriers for a living.

This YouTube clip, although a poor quality image gives good instructions on ensuring you’re making your Pouch to fit you.

This photo tutorial might be the one for you.

For us Kiwi’s (and others who use the metric system!) you’ll have to search a yards/inches conversion to meters/centimeters.

If you just want to buy one ready made here are some options:tiki

Dulce and Zoet are a NZ company. They have a reasonably comprehensive sizing chart so don’t seem to ‘make to order’. They do offer help with sizing to ensure you’re getting the right one.

The cost is NZ$74 + $5 postage anywhere in NZ. This is my favourite print of their selection.


Bellaroo Pouch
Bellaroo Pouch

Bellaroo is also an NZ company. Although they have an emphasis on correct sizing their sizing chart is

not so comprehensive. The images are of newborns in the cradle carry position that we don’t recommend. This makes me suspect that in the upright inward facing position the carrier would be too big for a newborn.

The cost is NZ$69 + $5 for shipping NZ wide, $10 to Australia. Athough there is a comment on the site that if the sling is Bellaroo branded the shipping is free within NZ. Worth inquiring about.


The Peanut Shell Pouch can be purchased through Bellaroo but I’m unsure as to whether it is made in NZ. It comes in 100% cotton sateen or micro fleece. You can get a reversible pattern. The latter being petroleum based synthetic material. Sizing is similar to the Bellaroo, but at the time of writing only the medium was available. This Pouch also has padding.

The reversible pouch is more expensive at NZ$110 – shipping as with Bellaroo. The classic Peanut Shell is $79.

The Rockin Baby Sling Pouch is 100% cotton, reversible and adjustable to 3 sizes with zippers at the back. Also valuable at Bellaroo. As I personally would only just fit into the size range the pouch is made for I would be nervous about getting a good fit with this carrier – even with it’s adjust-ability. If you are on the outskirts of the size range make sure you inquire at to the fit and see if you can try one first.

The cost is more expensive due to the reversibility and adjust-ability, at NZ$115 + postage as for Bellaroo. This company provides what looks like a basic ring sling for a mother in need in Haiti with every pouch sling sold – cool!



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