More good examples

Baby wearing shoot Sept 14-3 copyBaby wearing shoot Sept 14-11 copyWith a bit of ‘brain gym’ crossing your arms on the straps of a Soft Structured Carrier and swinging your baby onto your back is a really secure way to get an unpredictable, wriggly toddler on your back. You can see this method in action in this video on Vimeo.

And here is the finished product. Happy and secure.

Perfect place for a heavy toddler. Don’t be afraid to back carry with supported practice, trialing with a doll first it is the best carrying position for you when your baby has some weight.

The Ergo 360 didn’t fit me for a back carry with a 6 month old baby. It was fine with my 4 year old! Recommended for babies up to 3 years, lol. The baby is really well positioned as you can see in this photo, but I have the shoulder straps fully tightened and I’m trying to lift baby some more as he still felt low and hanging out on my back. It would be fine on a bigger person. I’m only 160cm and slight.

Baby wearing shoot Sept 14-4 copy

This is a beautiful Storchenwiege Ring Sling. Great for quick carries with an older baby. Ring Slings can provide great positioning for a wee baby too. Daniela looks like she is getting some ‘help’ to roll the top rail over the tail providing some nice cushioning.

Baby wearing shoot Sept 14-18 copy

Nice high snugglez provides more skin to skin and makes carrying easier on your body. Though it depends on what you might be trying to do with bubs attached! Sometimes a wee bit lower, but not lower than the top of baby’s head at your collar bone, makes it easier to reach over baby to do the odd job.

Georgina copy

Protect from elements copyIMG_9395 copyIt’s important to ensure your baby is well protected from the elements!

In this case little Mr is wearing woolies, his jacket and we are both covered in my shawl – well he has most of it! If it was raining then I would have loved a babywearing jacket! You can make these yourself. Here is the best one I’ve seen.

And of course improvising your baby carrier can also provide comfort and support for both you and baby. This is a tablecloth being used as a Manta.

The knot tends to dig into your chest a bit. Well it does for me and you can’t raise your arms too high, but hey it’s what they use all the time in Peru. We’re just soft I reckon. Even if you’re proudly ‘soft’ it’s still a great improvisation in an emergency.

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