Some great examples

I was super pleased to see such a wonderful 4 page spread in the NZ Parents Centre, Kiwiparent magazine Dec 2104 – Jan 2015, pages 19-22. The thing I liked about it the most was the images. Every image the editor chose to use was a great example of best practice babywearing. The more people see these images the better picture they’ll have in their head of what constitutes safe, comfortable, healthy baby carrying.

So my next few blog posts will include lots of images of good babywearing. Here ya go!

As baby gets older, 5-6 months, it’s great for both of you to learn to back carry. This is a simple rucksack carry with a non-stretchy (in this case commercial woven) wrap around sling. It’s ideal to have your baby up high enough to be on your skin, so you can feel and hear his breathing and so he can see over your shoulder when he’s interested. I think for ease of use, combined with comfort the rucksack carry is a winner!

Anna Ruck 5 month copy

SOME Soft Structured Carriers (SCC) provide great support and positioning for both baby and wearer. They really come into their own when baby is a bit older 5 months + though there are a few that are pretty good for a newborn. This is a gorgeous custom made SCC:

Hayley custom made copy

This is a closed tail Ring Sling with a sewn shoulder. It’s a classic Third Arm ring sling – designed and made in Dunedin, NZ but not for a number of years now! Many of them are still doing the rounds in great shape and perfect for safely positioning a newborn baby:


A wrap around sling – in this case it’s a non-stretchy (homemade from table cloth material!) is so perfect for securing a newborn baby in an ideal position. This is the Front Wrap Cross Carry:

Anna Ruck 5 month copy Hayley custom made copy Meganringsling annawithnb

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