Behind the scenes

As promised we’ve uploaded the ‘behind the scenes’ clip for a bit of a giggle and a bit of cringing on my part!


You’ll probably get an idea of how many ‘takes’ an intro or demonstration took! At the end of the day we sometimes had to just go with what we got and Wayne got creative with his editing. Sometimes we had very little to get creative with as we did the demo in the wide shot and it went well enough, but there was no way our little helper was going to do it again in close up.  So that was that.

If you ever want to film a babywearing demonstration (good luck!), nah, here are a few tips:

* Keep the background as simple as possible

* Ensure you have good (ideally consistent!) lighting

* Not being able to hear what someone is saying is really frustrating. If your baby is not interested in helping and is complaining a lot try again another time or try another baby! Though you won’t necessarily have another one.

* If you want to get flash and edit it, film it twice – once in a wide shot and once close up. Try to do it exactly the same each time ideally with the same lighting and same background noise (none!)

* Practice as much as you can with a doll first. Trying to practice over and over with your baby will just annoy them. Of course if you’re wearing them lots anyway you’re practicing all the time!

* Sound is the biggie. If you have to then do a voice over, but it is nice to see it all happen at once.

* Lastly – keep it real! If your baby gets grumpy and you can take a few seconds to settle him/her then do it. People like to see you treating your child with the respect they deserve. Not just using them to show of your ‘wearing’ skills. If it takes too long to settle your baby try again another time. Think of the viewer.

It can be really fun if you don’t put too much pressure on yourself – hmmm should have taken my own advice right from the start eh Wayne! 😉

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